Sunday, May 17, 2015

Age of Wunder

Age of Wunder - DJ mIx by Kepi
This upload features tracks from Bruno Romaniv, Justin James, Lewis Boardman, Kevin Andrews, Michele Buran, Playtime Productions, Richie Cane, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Syncretic, Dvinci, Luke Davidson, Dantiez Saunderson, Hellomonkey & HiBoo. These incredible artists are on the labels such as Hotfingers, Ban-Off Music, Egothermia, refused., Recess Recordings....Hope you enjoy!
I go deep on this mix. These are some tracks in my current rotation and some real gems if you ask me. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
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Monday, March 30, 2015

DJ Kepi - Funny Girl (Original Mix) [Night and the City]

Portland based DJ/Producer Jeff Pederson, AKA DJ Kepi, has been rocking parties for 2 decades. Now, he brings his energetic style of production to Night and the City. We are very proud to bring you one mayhem of a release by the man himself. his 2 originals will make you smile to tears and dance feverishly. "Funny Girl" is also backed by a remix from London based duo Laydee V & Mark Inna, who capture the spirit of the track and take it to a more minimal, dirty and funky dimension. It is also remixed by NATC label founder David Moran, who creates here one of his most tense and poweful remixes, taking "Funny Girl" to the universe of Acid House, with a slightly slower tempo but with a harder and much more aggressive attitude.
Definitely your best choice for a spring break party!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Booka Shade Remix Contest for 'Love Drug'

Here is my entry into the Booka Shade Remix contest. It was such an honor to have an opportunity to remix Booka Shade! Hope you enjoy my version.

They will be announcing the winner September 2nd. This just so happens to be one day after my b-day. I don't expect to win as there are many submissions that are on par. Really depends on the artist who is being remixed chooses. I have entered quite a few remix contests and you never know what they might pick. Not that I get off on that tangent too much. You can't write music that way and stay true to your own sound. All you can do is try and give it your best and then if it's meant to be then so be it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dj SPOON (Tennessee) Plays After Dark

With a passion for music that spurred from an appreciation of disco,funk,and hip hop. Spoon knew that one day he would be doing something in music. Starting out DJ’ing in a number of raves in the early ninety's and holding down club residencies.He wasnt satisfied with that so he started Photo Records. Spoon is known for his deep ,funky, house. Having a dream of producing house music was something that any house DJ would aspire to and it wasn’t long before Spoon was thinking the same. Hooking up with Busy (and Crux) on there first release on Dj Sneaks label Oomph it was on from there with release on Lingo,and Photo it seemed they where on fire, Spoon realized that he needed to go out on his own and since have remixed for Greenhouse and has a ep on Treasured Grooves ,and Jack locker. Spoon has tracks and eps coming out on Panhandle, Viva ,a colab with gil coming out on Treasured Grooves , and a ep on delta blue , 2012 looks to be a busy one so stay tuned for great things to come.

Local support:

Dj Ronnie (pdx) - rolls super deep. Watch for this guy as he shreds the dancefloor with an arsenal of tracks at his disposal.

Dj Kepi
For 20 years now Kepi has been a Dj and making beats in the Great NorthWest. Music found Jeff Pederson (Kepi) at an early age. Growing up in a musical family, Jeff was easily influenced to pick up some sort of instrument. Jeff remembers being in dark venues with his Dad's band not knowing at the time the synchronicity that was taking place. Formal piano lessons took form at age 9. When he turned 11 he picked up the violin. Then at age 16 the guitar became the next expression of his natural born talent. It was in 1992 by way of his friends DJ JFunk and Dustin Alexander that the ultimate instrument was introduced, The
Turntable. A Dj was born that summer day........and life has never been the same!

Kepi's style can be seen as a direct reflection of him and his upbeat attitude. From house to breaks his sets can touch upon multiple genres as he doesn't imprison himself to any one sound. "For me there is only one genre, good music.' Kepi continues "Some songs just have that 'IT' factor, and you know it as soon as you drop it." Be on the watch as Kepi comes to a dance floor near you.

7 bucks after 11... 5$ before 21 and over event 

440 NW GlisanPortland, OR 97209

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DJ's for Etho's

Please come out Friday and dance and support with music starting at 9pm with DJ's Justin Jade, B-Lit, D-Lyte, Kepi, Manoj

Ethos Music Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of music and music-based education for the youth in underserved communities.Founded in 1998 Ethos brings music education back to several thousand students a year.

$5 dollar cover all preceeds go to Ethos, Thanks for your support!!

Please also support on Saturday 12-17 @ Groove Suite with second night of DJ's for Ethos with Dj's Chris Savenetti, Mr. Clean ( happy 40th), Michael Gabriel,Jacob Poe & tongue & Groove

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

REMEDY Dance Party

Its that time again, REMEDY Dance Party! 

Electro, Breaks, Glitch-Hop, Experimental, Drum & Bass

Horizon Events presents their monthly dance party!

************** REMEDY **************

June 24th, 2011 Cover $5
Groove Suite 440 NW Glisan, Portland, OR, 97201

June Line up Featuring:

INIT (PDX) 10 - 11:15
Land (PDX) 11:15 - 12:45
DJ Kepi (PDX) 12:45 - 2:30 Breaks, Electro


Live Painting by: Nate Luna
Local Art
Craft Vendors

Tea Room by "Yesterday's Tea House"

New line-up every month - see you on the dance floor!

Monday, May 9, 2011

REMEDY Dance Party

Horizon Events presents a new monthly dance party!(

Next party May 27th, 2011 Cover $5
Groove Suite 440 NW Glisan, Portland, OR, 97201

Electro, Breaks, Glitch-Hop, Experimental, Liquid Dub Step.

May Line up Featuring:

GRAINTABLE - PDX - Glitch Hop, Turbo Crunk, Street Bass
Run Riot Records / Innerflight Music

DJ KEPI - PDX - Membrane Media
Break Beat, Electro

Electro, Break Beat

Electro, Experimental

Live Painting by: Matt Schlosky
Local Art
Craft Vendors

Tea Room by "Yesterday's Tea House"

New line-up every month - see you on 

the dance floor!